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Tools for accelerating research using next-generation cell models

This webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of the different cell-based models used in biomedical research, focusing on modeling human diseases using next-generation cell culture systems: organoids and iPSCs. Additionally, it will explore the plethora of tools available to leverage the wealth of information attainable from these in cellulo models. Finally, the session will highlight how Sino Biological leads in facilitating next-generation cell culture systems through its premium-quality products and services.

About the Speaker

Dr. Shebna Massey is an Associate Product Manager at Sino Biological, where she is responsible for product development, science communication, and process development. She earned her Ph.D. in Cancer Biology from Baylor College of Medicine. Her dissertational work focused on establishing a drug-targetable post-transcriptional regulatory program in breast cancer metastasis. Dr. Massey's expertise lies in molecular biology and biochemistry, specifically in recombinant protein science, in vitro, and in cellulo models for cancer research, with interests in drug development and cancer immunotherapy.

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