TissueFab® bioink-cationic crosslinking Facile Curable Gel

TissueFab® bioink Facile Curable Gel is an ionic, low-endotoxin gelatin-based bioink formulated for 3D bioprinting applications.

This bioink is conveniently prepared for printing, eliminating the need for light irradiation, which can harm cell health during crosslinking. The crosslinking process is achieved in a diluted solution of multivalent cations, such as TissueFab® bioink-crosslinking solution (Cat#919926).

Utilizing a Gelatin base, a natural protein with outstanding cytocompatibility and cell-binding motifs, the bioink aims to replicate the native extracellular microenvironment.

Low endotoxin, low bioburden: Maintaining low levels of endotoxins and bioburden is crucial. Endotoxins have shown detrimental effects on cellular growth, morphology, differentiation, inflammation, and protein expression. Bioburden, the presence of contaminated organisms in a material, is also monitored closely. Merck tests every lot for both endotoxins and total bioburden (aerobic and fungal) to mitigate any negative impacts caused by these factors.


Source: Merck

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Quality Level 100
Sterility 0.2 μm filtered
Form Viscous liquid (or gel)
Composition Cationic/ionic
Impurities <5 CFU/g Bioburden(Total aerobic)
<5 CFU/g Bioburden(fungal)
Color Pale yellow to colorless
Viscosity 2-20 cP
Compatibility 3D bioprinting, extrusion bioprinting