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Live-Cell Analysis in 2020: Advancing Technology to Meet Researchers' Needs

Scientists can now interrogate cellular biology and cell-to-cell interactions in previously unachievable ways, gaining deeper insight and advancing innovative strategies for targeting cancer. In this webinar sponsored by Sartorius, a panel of experts will discuss how technological advances are driving rapid progress in disease areas such as oncology, immuno-oncology, and neuroscience.


Kim Wicklund

Director of Product Management Sartorius

Dan Appledorn

Director, US Biology R&D Sartorius

Edward H. Hinchcliffe, PhD

Professor The Hormel Institute University of Minnesota

Topics to be covered

  • Notable developments in live-cell assays and in vitro translational models
  • How systems such as Incucyte® by Sartorius have enabled real-time studies of cancer cells
  • How scientists are using the latest Incucyte technology in new ways

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