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Good Titration Practice in Water Analysis

The analysis of water is crucial in many areas; waste treatment, water bottling operations, environmental studies and more. This presentation outlines the basic chemistry of water and the mechanics of key analyses such as pH, BOD, COD, alkalinity, hardness, etc…

Learn tips and tricks for analysis, instrument and sensor maintenance and how you can maximize your laboratory processes with multiparameter analysis to obtain multiple results on one sample.

Water is a critical molecule in our daily lives as well as the proper analysis of its various influences. Whether it be the analysis of drinking water, environmental bodies of water (e.g. lakes and rivers) or treatment of waste water, METTLER TOLEDO has developed a full line of instruments to assist you in your laboratory or field analysis.

This webinar covers the basic chemical influences of various elements of water as well as helpful method parameters, tips and tricks for analysis, calibrations and maintenance and solutions for your analyses. Some topics covered are:

  • pH measurement
  • conductivity measurement
  • biological oxygen demand
  • alkalinity and acidity titrations
  • chemical oxygen demand
  • titration of water total water hardness

Learn what systems and analyses you can combine to build a multiparameter instrument with an autosampler to perform multiple analysis on each sample as well as our options of autosamplers to fully maximize your laboratory workflow.

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