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Eavesdropping on the Brain: Fundamentally Novel Perspectives on Psychiatric Diseases with Microengineered, Electrochemical Detection Platforms

Malfunctions of the brain's serotonin system are thought to underlie the symptoms of depression, primarily because antidepressants that target the serotonin transporters show some clinical success. However, antidepressant efficacy is variable, often delayed and temporary. Because the roles of serotonin in the brain during health and disease are ill-defined, it is extremely challenging for drug developers to develop better, more targeted antidepressant therapies.

In this talk, presented at Pittcon 2018, Prof. Parry Hashemi models the experimental data and offers mechanistic insights into how histamine and serotonin modulate one another in health and disease and this leads us to hypothesize why antidepressants are not universally effective. Watch the full presentation below:

Parastoo Hashemi - Eavesdropping on the Brain from AZoNetwork on Vimeo.

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