‘Nothing in science has any value
if it is not communicated.’
– Anne Roe (1952)

News-Medical.Net Content Policy


At News-Medical.net, we take pride in our mission to provide our readers with the latest significant developments in medical science. Our dedicated team of editors is responsible for sourcing, proofreading, editing, and publishing high-quality news articles crafted by our team of freelancers.

To maintain the highest standards of journalistic integrity, we adhere to the comprehensive content policy outlined below, from the initial selection of material to its publication on our website.

Sourcing and Selection

At the core of our editorial process, we are committed to sourcing and curating content of the utmost quality. Our primary focus is on materials originating from esteemed research universities and institutions, which have undergone meticulous scrutiny through peer review processes in prominent, high-impact journals. This content encompasses a diverse array of formats, including research articles and comprehensive reviews.

However, our editorial team will cover findings known as preprints that have not undergone peer review on topics exceptionally pertinent to our readership. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, preprint servers have emerged as a valuable source for such findings.


Preprint research papers have assumed a significant role in the contemporary scientific landscape, allowing researchers to rapidly disseminate their findings to both the scientific community and the general public, circumventing the traditional, protracted publication methods. By affording researchers the opportunity to share their research outcomes prior to formal peer review and conventional publication, preprints serve as catalysts for the acceleration of scientific advancement and the cultivation of collaborative efforts among researchers.

News-Medical.net, on occasion, features news articles derived from preprint research papers, all while upholding rigorous editorial standards and principles. In the interest of full transparency, we denote such articles as 'preliminary studies.' Moreover, we underscore the provisional nature of the findings delineated within preprints, recognizing that they remain susceptible to potential revision throughout the peer review process.

Before the inclusion of preprints on our platform, our editorial team subjects them to meticulous scrutiny, assessing their scientific robustness, pertinence, and prospective impact. Furthermore, we comprehensively disclose any conflicts of interest, funding sources, and study constraints as articulated within the preprint submissions.

Editorial Review

Every piece of content undergoes meticulous editorial review to identify and rectify factual errors, inconsistencies, and misrepresentations. Our editors proofread each article while cross-referencing it with the original research paper to ensure accuracy. Any identified errors are corrected before publication.

Acknowledging the pace of the rapidly evolving information landscape characterized by the near-instantaneous dissemination of knowledge, we are committed to furnishing precise and compelling headlines to deliver essential information swiftly.

Corrections & Updates

Given the dynamic and evolving nature inherent to scientific publishing, modifications are not uncommon to transpire within scientific papers subsequent to our initial reporting. In light of this, we actively invite authors and journals to apprise us of any requisite amendments. In instances involving preprints, we maintain vigilant oversight over the status of preprints previously covered by our platform, monitoring their progression toward publication or potential rejection by a peer-reviewed journal.

Upon confirmation of peer review and successful publication, we effectuate necessary revisions to the article, supply a hyperlink to the peer-reviewed iteration, and succinctly outline substantive modifications undertaken during the peer-review process. It is with satisfaction that we report, as of June 2023, that 85% of the preprints featured on our platform have successfully transitioned to publication within esteemed scientific journals. You can view a change-log of all corrections and edits here.

Press Releases

News-Medical.net serves as a central hub for the latest scientific news and research across all disciplines. Our unwavering dedication revolves around disseminating accurate and current information from a myriad of reputable outlets. These sources encompass but are not limited to universities, academic publishers, medical establishments, government entities, corporate entities, and other establishments actively involved in the realm of scientific inquiry.

We take profound pride in our esteemed position as a trusted source of scientific news and maintain an unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standard of precision and impartiality throughout the entirety of our content.


At News-Medical.net, our dedication to providing precise, dependable, and ethically principled medical news content is unyielding. The Editorial Content Policy we present herein serves as a foundational compass that directs our content acquisition, fact-validation procedures, and ethical directives. It stands as a testament to our unwavering pledge to provide our readers with information of the highest integrity.

We maintain an ongoing commitment to scrutinize and refine this policy in response to the ever-evolving benchmarks and conventions within the field of medical journalism. Doing so affirms our commitment to safeguarding our readers' trust in our journalistic endeavors.